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Everything You Should Know About Wood Palletizer Machines

by Mariay Mary

For many years, firewood was considered one of the most common sources of heat and energy. However, in recent years, the cost of firewood has increased significantly. The use of firewood is also currently frowned upon because of the consequences on the environment. This is where wood palletizer machines come in. These machines are used to make wood pellets, which are used as alternatives to firewood. This write-up covers all the information you should know about wood palletizer machines.

What is a wood pellet machine?

A wood pellet machine is a device used for processing raw materials to make different forms of pellets. The raw materials applied are mostly sawdust, wood, straw, rice straws, leaves, and other wood wastes.

Types of wood palletizer machines

There are different types of wood palletizer machines on the market. Below are some of these types of machines;

  • Flat die wood palletizing machines
  • Ring die wood pelletizing machines

The various types of wood palletizing machines can also be categorized based on their sizes and brand.

What are the components of a wood palletizer machine?

Below are some of the core components of a wood pallet maker or wood palletizer machine;

  • Rollers- a wood palletizer machine typically features two to four rollers. The rollers are usually located on both ends of the roller shaft. Wood pallet machine rollers typically are designed with grooves on their surface, and they are commonly made from a superior steel alloy. The role of the rollers is to create pressure for the raw materials to go through the die holes.
  • Flat die- this component of a wood pellet is where the raw materials are compressed and released as pellets.
  • Die holes- the flat dies usually come with several small holes through which the raw materials are passed and transformed into pellets.
  • Hopper- this is the part where the raw materials are fed into the machine. It also acts as a reservoir for the raw materials and carries enough to sustain a steady flow of materials during the pelletizing process.
  • Slicers- these components are used to cut the pellets into desired sizes before the process is completed and the pellets are packaged.

How does a wood palletizer machine work?

The process of wood palletizing starts with the preparation of the raw materials. Here, the raw materials are gathered, mixed, cut, and prepared depending on the machine and the desired outcome. The raw materials are then fed into the device through the hooper then compressed through the die holes thanks to the pressure created as the rollers rotate around the roller shafts.

What are the benefits of wood palletizer machines?

These devices offer numerous benefits. Below are some of these benefits;

  • They are very easy to operate because of their simple design and structure
  • They are eco-friendly
  • They are easy to maintain
  • They are not expensive (both to acquire and maintain)
  • They are highly efficient and productive


It is worth mentioning that all the information above may differ depending on the type and brand of wood palletizer in question. Regardless, the performance and goal of wood palletizers remain constant regardless of the brand and form differences.

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