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Who Started the Pharmaceutical Industry?

by Mariay Mary
Who Started the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Who Started the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Who started the pharmaceutical industry? The answer is none other than Sir Humphrey Popper. This is the man who created the first pharmaceutical drugs and later on contributed heavily to their development. Popper was a chemist working for Raffles Pharmaceuticals Limited. He later went on to develop Penicillin, which is one of the most important and effective drugs in the world today.

How did Popper invent the world’s first drug? He was searching for a way of creating a less hazardous drug. It was clear that any drug that could be created without causing any health problems was preferable. In his quest, he stumbled upon sodium iodide, which is one of the most toxic substances known to man. He realized that it would be impossible for a drug to be created that would not have any side effects, so naturally, he had to invent a safe alternative.

Upon hearing this news, the chemist, Carl Wilhelm Scheele, was convinced that there must be an alternate source of medical treatments. After creating the stabilizing agent sodium iodide, he headed a team of chemists, scientists, and experts to test it out on animals. They were shocked at the results, and after trying many methods to save the drug from going extinct, they eventually discovered that saltwater solutions contained enough iodine to cure all diseases.

The drug was thus produced and released to the world, where it quickly grabbed headlines everywhere. The next big drug that was created by Popper was antibiotics, and soon thereafter, other highly contagious diseases were contained in its sphere of influence. Who started the pharmaceutical industry? Quite simply, Sir Humphrey Popper.

Why are companies like Walmart, Coke or McDonald’s the only major corporations in the world that don’t have any pharmaceutical products? Well, it’s pretty simple really. Business is business, and profit is the main goal for all companies. In order to be profitable, a drug needs to be effective, it needs to be promoted aggressively, and it needs to reach a wide variety of people in order to maximize its sales. In short, successful pharmaceutical companies are ones that understand how to market their product.

When you think about it, does it actually make sense to go into a business that has so many obvious similarities with other industries? It is quite amazing how often pharmaceutical companies are compared to companies that produce food. Food is food, right? That means it is a product that can be eaten. We would never see a drug company marketing its drugs as food. Even if it were legal, would consumers really want to?

There is one glaring problem with this, though. Pharmaceutical companies are rarely concerned with how their drugs are consumed, or how people become infected with their drugs. In fact, there are very few government regulations regarding the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals, and the ones that do exist almost never make any sense.

Who started the drug industry? A group of highly creative geniuses, that’s who. And they should’ve never been given the power to create drugs, but rather be considered artists, instead. They obviously didn’t learn their lessons from school.

So how did we get our drugs so messed up? Well, it seems that all these clever geniuses started out in the same position as we are now, which was to find a way to make more money. Pharmaceutical companies didn’t stop at creating new drugs, though. They also had to come up with a way to manufacture them, and distribution methods.

The whole process took several years to perfect. What does it mean? Well, if a drug is well-researched and well-marketed, it’ll generally fly off the shelves without much trouble. But we’re not just talking about common, everyday drugs. It gets a little more complicated when we start talking about genetically modified organisms and pharmaceutical drugs that have to pass through the FDA’s stringent requirements.

The bottom line is that none of this has changed the fact that we live in a society that needs drugs. There’s always a demand for them, and that’s why we have doctors, chemists, pharmacists, and nurses to put those drugs in an appropriate form into the hands of those that need them. When it comes to who started the pharmaceutical industry? If you want to play a prank on your friends, you can do a Google search on the name of any given company. You’ll find that lots of other websites have done the same, in an attempt to learn who created the most popular drug.

So there you have it. Who started the pharmaceutical industry? It was some smart scientists, probably with some kind of laboratory equipment. It may be fun to study them, but it’s not worth your life.

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