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What Does a Brake Caliper Do?

by Mariay Mary

Brake calipers play an important role in stopping your car. If they are not working properly, the brake system will not work as well. Several warning signs can indicate bad calipers, including pulling to the right or the left when braking. Bad calipers can also affect the connection between the brake pad and the rotor, compromising the stopping function of the brakes.

Problems with brake calipers

If you are having problems with your brake calipers, you may need to get them checked out by a mechanic. There are many possible causes of brake caliper failure, and you should be aware of these causes before attempting a repair yourself. It’s a good idea to have your brake caliper checked by a professional mechanic, because the failure of this component can be disastrous.

One sign of a bad brake caliper is a clunking noise that gets louder as you drive. This is a sign that a caliper has seized and is no longer able to apply pressure to the brake pads. This can cause your vehicle to jerk to one side and lead to an accident.

Maintenance of brake caliper

To ensure proper braking performance, you should regularly maintain your brake caliper. The brake caliper is a component inside a car that presses the brake pads together and squeezes the brake rotor. In order to properly maintain it, you must know how to check it for wear and tear. Fortunately, there are several ways to ensure that the caliper stays in good working condition.

First, remove the brake pads. You can do this manually or with a power tool. When you use a power tool, wear protective eyewear and a mask. You can also apply brake cleaner to remove stubborn contaminants. After cleaning, you should lubricate the caliper’s moving parts. You can use silicone lubricants that are safe for rubber. If you’d rather avoid rust and noisy brakes, you can also apply a high-temperature Molybdenum Disulfide lubricant.

Symptoms of brake caliper failure

If your car is not stopping correctly, you may have brake caliper problems. This is a common issue among older cars and may require immediate attention. The caliper piston must slide easily within the caliper for a good grip and proper braking. To do this, the piston must be greased with silicone brake grease before it is installed. This grease helps the piston slide smoothly and quickly, and it prevents it from sticking.

When a caliper fails, the brake pedal will be soft and there won’t be enough power to stop the vehicle. In addition, excessive gaps between the brake disc and brake pads may also be indicative of caliper failure. In either case, you should replace the brake pads and brake disc.


The topic about what does a brake caliper do is very important for anyone that has a car. This is because the brake caliper is what helps to stop the wheels from turning. If this device were to fail, then it would be very difficult to stop the vehicle. There are many different reasons as to why a brake caliper may fail, but the most common reason is due to wear and tear. It is important to maintain this device on a regular basis to prevent any accidents from happening.

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